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Natasha Marroquin is passionate about training, coaching, and teaching others. She has been in the human services field since 2002, with experience in juvenile diversion, domestic violence, and drug rehabilitation. Her most extensive experience is in working with people with developmental and intellectual challenges in various settings including schools, group homes, institutions, family homes, residential facilities, and day programs. Natasha’s focus is on helping people move from restrictive settings to ones where they can explore and follow their passions, build positive relationships, access the broader community, and be contributing members of society. She have supported people with extremely challenging behaviors coming from traumatic backgrounds. 

Natasha is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. Additionally, she is a Certified Person-Centered Thinking Trainer and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She is currently a doctoral candidate pursuing her PhD.  Combining the knowledge and experience of these backgrounds, helps her be an effective catalyst for change in the lives of others. She enjoys working with leaders so they can develop their own skills in supporting others.

Her primary role since 2006 has been mentoring and supporting people in leadership positions (e.g., supervisors, directors, teachers, clinicians, administrators, etc.). She integrates applied behavior analysis, ACT-based interventions, and overall trauma-informed, compassionate support to help people work on values-based growth. 

BCBA# 1-14-15070
LMFT# 91425

Focus Areas:


Trauma-informed care


Communication (including use of inclusive language)

Person-centered practices

Leadership/ Supervision

Effective individual planning